My Imagination with Words

Michelle’s Sonnet No. 1

Your eyes sparkle more than the stars at night,

They shimmer more than moonlight on a stream,

They are like the sun they shine much too bright,

If I stare for too long my eyes will scream,

I don’t mind the pain for into your eye,

I see the only light in this darkness,

Whenever you leave my heart starts to soft cry,

Because crying too hard makes me heartless,

But if you must fly away and leave me,

Then I will wait in this abyss of suffering,

Crying until my desire leave me be,

I will be above this hell gently fluttering,

And from the thought of you I will be free,

And from this terrible place I will flee.

Jan 2015


The strange woman’s tales

Once upon a time there was a girl who was born most unfortunate. She was born blind, dumb and paralyzed from the waist down. She never saw the light come through her window in the early mornings or pretty flowers bloom in the midst of May. She never laughed in joy or sang the lovely lullabies her mother hummed when she was little. She never danced or ran like all the other children did in play. However she could hear and so strong her hearing had become that she could hear a needle drop in a busy market place. Since she could not do almost anything, her favourite past time was listening to stories her mother told her every night before bed. Through these stories she became intelligent and her beauty grew with age, but still she lay as a burden to her family who were poor, although they loved her greatly.

One day when she was thirteen years of age, a strange woman knocked on the door and asked for a room to stay for three nights. The girl’s mother welcomed her in and when the strange woman tried to pay her, she denied the money and said she could stay for free. The woman said she would be eternally grateful. When night fell and it came to the girls bed time the woman asked if she could tell the girl a story. Her mother agreed and let her. At first the girl was scared of this stranger for she had not met many people but she heard kindness in the woman’s voice and soon was not frighten of her. The woman told a story about a girl who could not see, hear or walk but could sing and such a beautiful voice that girl had that she became famous throughout all the land. After the story was over the woman left the girl to go to bed and the girl fell asleep and in her dreams she dreamt that she was the girl in the story. When she woke in the morning, she woke up happy and wishing she could sing like the girl. And so she tried to sing and to her amazement, she sang. Upon hearing her own voice she cried tears of joy and then sang again. Her voice so sweet and pure that it gently woke all the neighbours. One by one they followed the voice till they got to the girls house and with her parents they cheered and said it was a miracle. All that day she sang and laughed and spoke words of wisdom.

When the night fell again she asked the strange woman to tell her another story. The strange woman agreed and told her a story about a girl who could not see, hear or talk but could dance so wonderfully that she soon became known in all the lands for her talent. Again that night the girl dreamt that she was the girl in the story and when she was woke, she was happy and wished she could dance. So she tried to get up from her bed and to her amazement she stood. She cried tears of joy then twirled and leaped and danced, every movement was so graceful that it was like she had been dancing her whole life. Her mother upon hearing the soft thuds coming from the girl’s room went to see what was wrong. When she saw her daughter dancing she cried out onto the streets that her daughter could dance. Neighbours came and watched the girl dance so wonderfully and with her parents they cheered and said it was a miracle. All the day she danced and ran and jumped.

When night fell again the girl asked the strange woman to tell her another story. The strange woman agreed and told her a story about a girl who could not hear, talk or walk but could see. This story was not like the others, the girl in it did not become known and loved by everyone but it was described so thoroughly and so beautifully that it mesmerized the girl who was listening to it and never faded from her mind. When she went to bed the girl again dreamed that she was the girl in the story. When she woke though, she cried and kept her eyes closed. She didn’t want to open them and find her vision black and dark. After an hour of crying she wiped the tears away and slowly opened her eyes. She saw the frost covering her window and walked over there to marvel at its beauty. She could see every detail, and thought they were flowers. She shouted for her mother to come and see the flowers covering the window. Confused her mother went to her daughter’s room and cried upon seeing the girl’s eyes. They were crystal blue unlike the normal white they usually were. For the first time she saw her daughter’s beauty to the fullest and that made her cry tears of joy.

Years past and the girl got married to a handsome prince. She became known not only for her skill in singing and dancing but also for her beauty and intelligence. She quickly learnt many languages and instruments and had five children in total. She was kind and lovely to all things and most of all she was always content with what she had, never wishing for more. She never saw the strange woman again after the morning when she found her sight but she never forgot her. She told the tales of the strange woman to her children and grandchildren. She grew to a ripe old age and died happily surrounded by her family. But upon the moment where she closed her eyes for the last time she heard the strange woman’s voice say the same words that finished each of the three stories.

The end.

25 December 2014



The stench of blood filled the air,

And my fangs dripped of the ruby liquid,

The sheep in front of me lay died,

It’s was all so very vivid,

I tore off a bit of flesh,

And ate it without a thought,

My stomach twisted,

I suddenly felt distraught,

I ran along the cliff face,

I never felt like stopping,

But then the rocks gave way,

And suddenly I was falling,

And falling,

And falling.

Drenched in cold sweat,

Eyes wide with fear,

I sat up in bed,

My cheeks wet with tears,

I recalled the dream,

That made my life feel like lies,

So real that I felt,

Like it was my last life.

1 December 2014



Do you remember when we first met,
When you first embraced me in your arms,
But that was long before I knew you yet,
It seemed like a long time ago.
I remember your first day at school,
You tried to bring me along,
But I was not aloud at school,
So I had to stay and wait for you.
I remember always waiting,
For you to come home to me,
Finally you would come running,
And hug me like you loved me.
 Remember the times you cried into me,
The time you would tell me all your worries,
Whispering all your secrets to me,
At night under the covers.
 I kept trying to tell you to remember,
To remember the happy times,
But you just threw me into the box in anger,
And put me in the attic.
 I waited and waited for you to take me out,
But you never did,
And I’m still waiting till this day without doubt,
Because I was someone special to you.
I was teddy.
The sun sets,
The night appears,
The day dies,
The moon peers,
Over the horizon,
Once covered in sunlight,
Now fill the skyline,
Is the night.
She couldn’t live without him,
And when she got the letter,
Her heart shattered,
She didn’t know any better.
She stood at the edge,
And took a step,
As the fall broke her body,
Her soul left her through a teardrop.
He arrived in town whole and well,
Waiting to see her again,
With the glory of battle on his face,
He didn’t seem in pain.
It was when he saw her mangled body,
Did the horror and rage fill his face,
With the help of the Devil he is now immortal,
And devours the human race.
Beware when you meet the red eyed human,
For although they are beautiful,
They own the fangs of a tiger,
And their thirst will them wrathful,
They drink blood like you might drink wine,
And they avoid touching the light,
But never leave yourself with one of them,
For you could try all you could to fight,
 But you will never escape their bite.
 My Dear Darling
There’s no reason to be upset dear,
It was just our unfortunate fate,
No need to shed a single tear,
It will all become okay some day.
Can you remember our first date?
Remember what you said to me,
“I will always love two people, you and fate,
You are my love and fate brought you here.”
Now I say the same to you darling,
Although we didn’t work out,
You will always be my heart stealing,
And I will never really let you go.

Two lovers

“What did I do wrong?”
She asked her lover,
He hadn’t talked for so very long,
Did he really betray her?
“I’m sorry for what I will do to you,”
He looked into her angry eyes,
“I just didn’t want to lose you too.”
He looked away and sighed,
She could feel the tears,
Gather in her eyes,
She had loved him for years,
And know he was saying goodbye,
“Don’t go, I’m begging you!”
He could hear the knot in her throat,
Way deep down he knew he still loved her too,
But his love for someone else was stronger,
“Please, you’re tearing me apart,”
She collapsed on the pavement,
Feeling like he had torn out her heart,
And that all her lights had gone out.
“I’m sorry,” He said and bowed his head,
Then turned and fled to another place,
Only a week later he heard she was dead,
Died of a broken heart they said.
And now she drifts down the street,
Without being seen, without being heard,
Waiting till they again meet,
And then haunt him till he joins the dead.
 Like she did at her own will, ten dreadful years ago.
The Failure of Regrets
“I hate myself” said the girl reflecting,
On the regrets and embarrassments she made,
She felt that maybe she should stop speaking,
And wished that the pain would just fade.
The pain of remembering silly mistakes that made herself a failure.
She never realised that regrets are good,
That they made her change into a better person,
She’s kind and loving and gives the poor food,
She will never turn into a demon,
But to this day they still haunt her and make herself think she’s a failure.
The Monster called Desire
He was perfect in every way
I loved him for that reason.
I tried to keep my feelings at bay,
But I couldn’t stop the temptation.
He said no to my desire,
So I tried to make him a monster,
To make my feelings retire,
But I realized that he’s only human
And it was me who was the monster…
 Missing You
A long time ago I said goodbye to the sun,
And said hello to the night,
As she took the horizon,
And covered it in her faint moon light,It was beautiful then,
But then I was a child,
I sometime wish I was like that again,
An innocent child.Now my nights are full of tears,
From remembering you,
How I long for those good years,
And for the scent of you,I still remember that terrible night,
Drinking, Driving, then Crash,
You were gone.2014———————————————————————————-


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