Poem for my painting for Art Exhibition for Homeschool Concert 2014

(Part A of Bronze Award)

(See Gallery for picture of painting that goes with the poem:)


The stench of blood filled the air,

And my fangs dripped of the ruby liquid,

The sheep in front of me lay died,

It’s was all so very vivid,

I tore off a bit of flesh,

And ate it without a thought,

My stomach twisted,

I suddenly felt distraught,

I ran along the cliff face,

I never felt like stopping,

But then the rocks gave way,

And suddenly I was falling,

And falling,

And falling.

Drenched in cold sweat,

Eyes wide with fear,

I sat up in bed,

My cheeks wet with tears,

I recalled the dream,

That made my life feel like lies,

So real that I felt,

Like it was my last life.



Romeo and Juliet

Ticket for Romeo and Juliet Ballet

Ticket to Romeo and Juliet Ballet

(Part B of Bronze Award)

It was very interesting to watch Romeo and Juliet as a ballet because I would never have imagined it. It was full of… Prancing. It was fun, I liked all the death scenes but my favourite character to watch would have been Tybalt because he was always angry and dramatic. I surprised me when they kissed, I didn’t think they would kiss, I thought because they were dancing they wouldn’t have to kiss, so I learnt that in ballet you still need to act. I was very sad when they died at the end but in all I enjoyed it. I prefer the play compared to the ballet because you don’t hear any of Shakespeare quotes or writings which is one of my favourite things about Shakespeare’s plays.

(Part A of Bronze Award)

I have been studying Romeo and Juliet for English and actually it’s not a bad play. It has a lot of quotes and monologues which are fascinating; and the plot is heart breaking. It’s sad that it wasn’t his originally. While I was learning about it, we learnt about sonnets and I decided to write one.

Your eyes sparkle more than the stars at night,

They shimmer more than moonlight on a stream,

They are like the sun they shine much too bright,

If I stare for too long my eyes will scream,

I don’t mind the pain for into your eye,

I see the only light in this darkness,

Whenever you leave my heart starts to soft cry,

Because crying too hard makes me heartless,

But if you must fly away and leave me,

Then I will wait in this abyss of suffering,

Crying until my desire leave me be,

I will be above this hell gently fluttering,

And from the thought of you I will be free,

And from this terrible place I will flee.

I got an extra mark for this, I’m quite glad I took the time to do it. 🙂

Book Review – Triple Nine Sleuths: Dangerous Despair

Dangerous Despair is about 3 friends, Colten, Stacy and Corey.
When Colten sees someone fall out of a window he suspects its a murder, but no one believes him, so he and his friends go to find out the truth.

Dangerous despair is very amusing because the characters call each other names and say a lot of stupid things.

It’s also very adventurous because the characters have to do a series of unusual things like getting their eyebrows plucked just to get information from the spa-keeper.

It’s very thrilling because you never know what’s going to happen next.

I think that this book should be read by people aged 10 and above because the death scene may disturb younger readers. Both the plot and characters are believable which makes this a particularly interesting read.

Sansan 11 years old

My box

I’m in my box.
My big white box.
I feel safe, I feel comfortable in my box.
Nothing exists out side my box.
I’m alone in my box.
I am happy.

But then, someone comes and tells me to think out of my box.
To think different.
I am confused, I am scared.
I don’t want to come out of my box.
I don’t want to think different.

But I don’t realise that my box is getting smaller and smaller.

One day I felt squished, I felt cramed, I felt scared.
I felt like the air was getting squeezed out of me, like there was no escape.
This was too much.

I broke free out of my box.
My precious, beloved box, gone.
But what did I see outside of my box?
I saw flowers, I saw trees, I saw birds that flew ever so high. I saw people smile and laugh.

I am free.
I am happy.

Michelle Sansan Turberfield

Don’t Be Angry Campaign – Persuasive Writing (Campaign Manifesto)

Do you want to live in a world where everyone is angry and miserable? If not, support us! DBA (Don’t Be Angry) is a campaign for people to be less angry so you can live in a peaceful environment. We want people to be kind, courteous, encouraging and happy so you can enjoy life.


If you don’t get angry so often, it means that you will have more friends and your family will trust you. They will be ready to share their problems, which gives you a chance to help them and make them happy too.

If every one is happy, there will be no wars, no killing, no suicides, no arguments, no crying, no jealousy and etc. If none of these exist, the world would be a safer place.

When you are happy, you are not stressed. A happy person does not get sick so often. Even if you do become sick, a positive mind will help you to recover faster. You can enjoy life better. Medical bills will not bother you. You do not have to worry about your finance and health.

DBA campaign does not need you to donate any money. A smile is all you need. Kindness becomes a habit. You can try helping an old man cross the street or a old lady carry her groceries. However, a simple thank you to the taxi driver or bus driver is a start.

Join us in our aim to be the happiest country in the world! You can also help this campaign by following us on Facebook and Twitter or telling your friends about us.

Toothiana Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies by Willaim Joyce

… “No no no! A good old-fashioned Cossack lullaby. ‘Don’t cut my throat while I am sleeping, mother, my mother dear’.”…

Page 114

Golden line – I think this is funny as everyone was saying nice things about sleeping and this came up as an contribution to the ‘nice’ things.

P/S – Cossack Lullaby is Russian Folk Lullaby. I had a search and they are not dark.

Tea Tree Oil advertisment – Persuasive writing (Advertising)

Do you want your pimples and scabs to heal quickly? Well then you need Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil is made out of natural ingredients which kill 100% of germs that might infect your scabs or pimples.

The smell of the Tea Tree Oil is also very good for stopping running noses and unblocking blocked noses

And if you get frequent mosquitoes bite, just apply Tea Tree Oil and the itchiness will disappear.

So what are you waiting for?
Bring the multipurpose Tea Tree Oil to the counter, buy it and your scabs will heal before you can say eureka!