A Whimiscal Tale – a comic opera


The other day we went to watch a play called ‘A Whimsical Tale‘. It’s about 2 men fighting over a woman. What I liked about the play was that it was silent, so it was like the orchestra was saying what the actors were suppose to say. The music pieces I like best were ‘The Flight of The Bumble Bee‘ and ‘Can Can‘. I like the acting because it was funny, like Charlie Chaplin. I think that the acting and the music went well together because when the music was enraged, the actors were¬†angry and when the music was romantic, the actors were in love. So yeah, I’d like to see it again and recommend people the age of 5 and above to see it.


Uncle Kandhi – the sound engineer

Uncle Kandhi came over an evening to record me playing the violin for a song for children meditation class.

He had to test the microphone and set up his BIG laptop. He had previously recorded his guitar accompanist. I had to listen to his recording and played along with it into the microphone. While I played, Uncle Kandhi recorded the violin playing.

After a few tries, we moved on to vocal recording. Both Jon and I sang.

Uncle Kandhi took the best part of each instrument recordings and put them together. Then he added the singing over it. This is like layering the music, adding each ingredient on top of the last.


This is part of the recording :

Vivaldi ring of mystery

At first I did not know anything about Vivaldi, I only knew that he was born in Venice and that he played the violin.
Now I know that he taught at the Pieta School of Music for Orphan Girls, was a composer and wrote the four seasons.

When I watched I felt like I was drawn to the story and the music.


Symphony Orchestra

Today we went to watch a orchestra. The orchestra played :

BEETHOVEN – Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92
I. Poco sostenuto – Vivace
BRUCH – Violin Concerto No. 1 in G major, Op. 26
III. Finale: Allegro energico
TCHAIKOVSKY – Romeo and Juliet: Fantasy Overture
It was musically fantastic and my jaw dropped when they told me that they practised 6 hours a day. ( I only practice about 15-20 minutes. )
I like the concerto best because it was like an arguement between the solonist and the orchestra.