Poem for my painting for Art Exhibition for Homeschool Concert 2014

(Part A of Bronze Award)

(See Gallery for picture of painting that goes with the poem:)


The stench of blood filled the air,

And my fangs dripped of the ruby liquid,

The sheep in front of me lay died,

It’s was all so very vivid,

I tore off a bit of flesh,

And ate it without a thought,

My stomach twisted,

I suddenly felt distraught,

I ran along the cliff face,

I never felt like stopping,

But then the rocks gave way,

And suddenly I was falling,

And falling,

And falling.

Drenched in cold sweat,

Eyes wide with fear,

I sat up in bed,

My cheeks wet with tears,

I recalled the dream,

That made my life feel like lies,

So real that I felt,

Like it was my last life.




Today I did quite a few things. First I studied on the book “The Hound of the Baskaville” where I leant that its Ok to repeat words over and over again. Then I studied on something called “fictionary”. Its when you make up words and give it a meaning.( Like lunartile means shiny like the moon. )

Thats all really but it was fun.

Linear or exponential income?

Which income would you earn more?

Would you rather be paid $1000 a day for 30 days or receive 1cent on the first day and continue to receive double the amount of the previous day for 30 days?

I thought that a $1000 a day for 30 days would earn more but I was wrong.

Option 1 you earn $30,000, option 2 you earn $536,870,913.

Option 1 is a linear where you add same amount of money each day.Image

option 2 is a exponential growth where your money doubles each day. (MIchelle: This increases by a power of two each day.)


If I compare the two, the two incomes will look like this:


Conclusion: if we multiply, the increase in greater than when we add. Therefore 2x is greater than x+2. If I get a job, I will most likely be paid in a linear package which means you earn a fixed amount of money. To get an exponential increase in my income, I must invest in things that will multiply my income. For example, aiming for bonus, or buying property.