Book review – Insurgent

(Part C of Bronze Award)

Title: Insurgent

Author: Veronica Roth

Date: 26/8/14

Pages: 525


Review: The fractions are falling, people are dying and the world is deteriorating. Tris is in the midst of this chaos, trying to fight and survive for what is right. With all her family dead except her brother, Caleb who has turned traitor, Tobias is the only one she has left but she has to go against his side and lose his trust to uncover the truth of what lies behind the fence.

This was a very good book. It is action packed and full of thrills and surprises. Tris is racked with Grief and regret. It almost destroys her. But her bravery is within her all the way until the last page. She is a truly amazing person. I’m glad that this book was not as confusing as Divergent. I found that the last book had sentences structured in a way that made it hard to get its meaning but this book does not have any of those so it easier to read. It is definitely well written.

The cover is a really nice one. It has a girl standing on a ledge look at a stream and mountains. The most obvious thing about the cover is the three burning leaves next to the girl. I really like the title. It is golden surrounded with a set of purple wings, it’s simple but nice. I also like how the cover is purple, everything from the stream to the sky has this purple tinge to it. Even the burning leaves are kind of purple.


There is a part of the book where she turns herself in to Erudite so to save other people from dying. And she has to be examined and tested so they could find a simulation that works on the Divergent but when they fail, her execution is advanced to the next day but she is saved by Peter which was a surprise since he tried to kill her once. It shows that you never know who will help you, it could be your worst enemy.

I thought this was an awesome book and I really enjoyed readying it. It was exciting, action pact, slightly psychopathic and anything but dull. I really think it is good and should be read by everybody.

Fighting for survival in a shattered world, the truth is her only hope.


Book Review : The Witch of Salt & Storm

(Part C of Bronze Award)

Title: The Witch of Salt & Storm

Author: Kendall Kulper

Pages: 373

Date: 10.02.15

4/5 stars


All Avery wants is to become a roe witch and make charms to keep the sailors safe at sea; but her mother despises the very thing that makes them different, special. When she was twelve years of age, her mother dragged her away from her grandmother’s before she can unlock the magic within her. She hates her mother for doing so. That was four years ago and now she is even more desperate than ever because you cannot kill a roe witch; and Avery has foreseen her own murder.

This really was a very heart-warming tale capturing not only the desperation of a girl trying to become what she is expected of but also the agony of heartbreak. Even before she dreams of her murder she was already at the end of her tether to become a witch, the dream just made her even more frantic and got her to spin into action. It was also interesting to see as you read this girl turning from a grumpy sixteen year old with no freedom, into an independent, deeply in love woman.

The cover really suits the book. It has a silhouette of a girl being weighed down by an anchor. It summarizes the feeling of the book. The anchor representing the sea, her magic, Prince Island and other things in the book. It’s quite simple and basic but that in this case is a good thing.


My favourite characters are Avery and Tane. At first I didn’t think much of Tane, just an ordinary sailor with tattoos. I actually kind of disliked him! But I think as the story progressed I started to fall in love with him and in the end I was silently dying inside. It didn’t affect me at first but it started to dawn on me and I kind of got obsessed with it. My favourite part I think was really the first time he tells Avery his dream. That first dream was amazing.

Kendall is a great writer and told an absolutely fantastic story filled with a painful magic that controls the sea. I would definitely buy the next book and go through the storm of emotions all over again. It is truly a heart-warming and heart wrenching tale.

This book was sent to me by Hachette Children’s Book.

Book Review – Purple Hibiscus

(Part C of Bronze Award)

Title: Purple Hibiscus

Author: Chimamanada Ngozi Adichie

Pages: 307

Date: 5/1/2015

Rating – 4.5 (out of 5)


Kambili’s father rules over her family with an iron fist; punishing any of them, including his wife, violently if any sin was committed. Her life is like a large schedule, asking the same questions, doing the same things all day every day, but this all changes when she stays at her auntie’s house for a week. There she discovers the freedom of laughter and love and slowly but surely she becomes a happier person.

This was a lovely book to read. It is very well written and the author really goes into detail when she describes the life style of Kambili. It takes me right into the life of a Catholic and was a real eye opener. I was almost in tears when I was reading one of the punishments, it was just so vivid and terrible. I laughed and smiled when she did and I enjoyed this tale thoroughly.

The cover is nice. It’s very simple but also goes with the book. There is half a girl’s face, cutting of just above the mouth at the top. And at the bottom of the cover there is a pink hibiscus. The title is placed just above the middle of the page and it is in pink, the same pink as the hibiscus. I like it because it’s not distracting and really suits the story.


Kambili has a very quiet personality at the beginning of the book. She stutters and spends a lot of her time trying to make her father proud. At first she was quite frightened to go to her auntie’s house because it is different with what she is used to. After a while though she opens up and becomes really happy, not scared to smile and laugh and be free.

This was an extremely heart-warming book and although it did make me cry, I loved reading every bit of it. One thing it does do is leave you with a question, why? Why did her mother do what she did? Although after it all life didn’t go as perfect as it seem it would, it still had a happy ending.

The girl who discovered happiness with the purple hibiscuses.

Book Review – Imposter

(Part C of Bronze Award)

Title: Imposter

Author: Susanne Winnacker

Pages: 310

Date: 20/8/14

Rate – 4.5 Stars (5/5)

Review: Tessa wasn’t normal, she was a variant and could change into other people. On her first mission she had to change into deceased Madison Chambers and pretended to her family and friends that Madison was still alive, so to find Madison’s killer.

Tessa was such an amazing character. She understood the pain that she caused by pretending to be Madison.  She longed for the affection that everyone showered her as Madison because she had never experienced love from her mother and was abandoned by her father as a child.

Tessa liked this guy, Alec, her back up for this mission but he had a girlfriend. Her crush for him made it difficult for her to concentrate on her assignment.

This book is such a thriller. I literally jumped around the house because I could not believe what was happening in the book. It is very unpredictable and kept me guessing.

My favourite characters are Tessa and Devon. Tessa is completely awesome with her special ability. She is intelligent and understanding. I like how she actually has personal problems such as her relationship with her mother. Devon is just so sweet. You would not think that he would harm anyone. It was rather astonishing when he became the main suspect. There are many twists in the plot, surprising me at every turn.

I just want to say something about the cover. It is well chosen for the book and is beautiful. It featured a girls face, the left half of Tessa’s and the right half of Maddison’s. The title , Imposter, describes the book perfectly, however the design of the title is too colourful. Turquoise, white  black, orange and cream may be a tad too much. It distracted you from the beautiful face.

2015-03-18 09.38.14

This is what the book cover looks like.

2015-03-18 08.44.13

This is my new design for it.

Nevertheless I think that this book is brilliantly written with a remarkable tale that sends electrifying pulses to keep you captivated. It deserves a sequel and will be a perfect movie. I think that it is a page turner for anyone especially teenagers.

Last but not the least, I leave you with a line from the book,”I should have realized it sooner, but believing the lie was easier.”

This book was sent to me by Hachette Children’s Books.

Book Review – Triple Nine Sleuths: Dangerous Despair

Dangerous Despair is about 3 friends, Colten, Stacy and Corey.
When Colten sees someone fall out of a window he suspects its a murder, but no one believes him, so he and his friends go to find out the truth.

Dangerous despair is very amusing because the characters call each other names and say a lot of stupid things.

It’s also very adventurous because the characters have to do a series of unusual things like getting their eyebrows plucked just to get information from the spa-keeper.

It’s very thrilling because you never know what’s going to happen next.

I think that this book should be read by people aged 10 and above because the death scene may disturb younger readers. Both the plot and characters are believable which makes this a particularly interesting read.

Sansan 11 years old

Toothiana Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies by Willaim Joyce

… “No no no! A good old-fashioned Cossack lullaby. ‘Don’t cut my throat while I am sleeping, mother, my mother dear’.”…

Page 114

Golden line – I think this is funny as everyone was saying nice things about sleeping and this came up as an contribution to the ‘nice’ things.

P/S – Cossack Lullaby is Russian Folk Lullaby. I had a search and they are not dark.