Chinese New Year Lantern

(Part A of Bronze Art Award)

Since it was Lunar New Year and we were too lazy to get any decorations my mum suggested to make these beautiful lanterns using red packets. This is the video i learnt from:

At first I wasn’t able to get it right and it took me 5 tries to perfect the ball. I kept stapling incorrectly, it was hard to fold the ears of the packets. I missed the sequence of the red packet which made it look funny; bulging in several places. Finally, I got the hang of it and I learnt a little trick to make it round: 1. Make the two end, top and bottom first. just 5 red packets each end as you see in the video. 2. Next work on the horizontal level, 5 red packets on each end. 3. Connect the two end with the last 10 red packets. I hope this will help you to follow the video better.

I made these!

I made these!

(Part D of Bronze Art Award)

I taught my friends when they came over. It was fun not only to teach them but I also enjoyed bossing them around :p. The difficult thing was not having enough red packets and they could only make one between three of them. Managing their roles and making sure that they will remain interested in the craft was challenging. However, all in all I had fun sharing this experience! Teaching - Chinese Lantern

Beautiful and festive!

Beautiful and festive

This is made by them which I gave to an aunt who hung it up for her Lunar New Year Celebration! She was very thankful and pleased with the lantern, girls! So pleased that her daughter was interested to make one.

2015-03-18 08.37.00

On 16 March 2015, Alessia came and I taught and made a lantern with her. I found that teaching Alessia was a little harder than teaching it to my friend. Firstly, she is younger. So I believe that she struggled with the folding and using the staple. She does not have enough strength. Next time if I am to do this with her again, I would pre-fold the red packets and help her to staple according to her verbal instructions.

By teaching others, I learn that

  1. I have to always keep my students involved
  2. I have actually mastered this ability to make Lunar New Year Lantern
  3. I need to work on my verbal communication skill – keep my instruction short
  4. I should always prepare according to the students’ need

Feedback from my friends:

Anya (23/2/15 via skype): Hi san, heard you wanted feedback on the arts and craft thing we did…Well for starters I think its a brilliant idea to use ang bao to create something especially if they are ones you don’t need. It looked beautiful in my opinion. It was quite difficult at first but its one of those things where if you get the hang of it, its easy. Its a smart way to use things you have rather than buying decoration from the stores. I found that it was more interesting to it with friends! You taught us very well!
I am almost confident to do it on my own however I am not very good at origami so…..
Thank anyway!!!!!!

Naomi (23/2/15 via skype): Hey san heard you need some feedback on the Chinese new year decoratin we made.Well I thought it was really fun….I suck at origami but this wasn’t quite that hard. It was fun to make and its an awesome idea ! I mean who would have thought that using a stapler, string and 30 red packets you could make something so clever, cheap and pretty ! Thanks for teaching us how to do it it was really fun…I’ll try it out next year. You taught it really well and split our jobs nicely….you were a good teacher SAN !

Poem for my painting for Art Exhibition for Homeschool Concert 2014

(Part A of Bronze Award)

(See Gallery for picture of painting that goes with the poem:)


The stench of blood filled the air,

And my fangs dripped of the ruby liquid,

The sheep in front of me lay died,

It’s was all so very vivid,

I tore off a bit of flesh,

And ate it without a thought,

My stomach twisted,

I suddenly felt distraught,

I ran along the cliff face,

I never felt like stopping,

But then the rocks gave way,

And suddenly I was falling,

And falling,

And falling.

Drenched in cold sweat,

Eyes wide with fear,

I sat up in bed,

My cheeks wet with tears,

I recalled the dream,

That made my life feel like lies,

So real that I felt,

Like it was my last life.


Romeo and Juliet

Ticket for Romeo and Juliet Ballet

Ticket to Romeo and Juliet Ballet

(Part B of Bronze Award)

It was very interesting to watch Romeo and Juliet as a ballet because I would never have imagined it. It was full of… Prancing. It was fun, I liked all the death scenes but my favourite character to watch would have been Tybalt because he was always angry and dramatic. I surprised me when they kissed, I didn’t think they would kiss, I thought because they were dancing they wouldn’t have to kiss, so I learnt that in ballet you still need to act. I was very sad when they died at the end but in all I enjoyed it. I prefer the play compared to the ballet because you don’t hear any of Shakespeare quotes or writings which is one of my favourite things about Shakespeare’s plays.

(Part A of Bronze Award)

I have been studying Romeo and Juliet for English and actually it’s not a bad play. It has a lot of quotes and monologues which are fascinating; and the plot is heart breaking. It’s sad that it wasn’t his originally. While I was learning about it, we learnt about sonnets and I decided to write one.

Your eyes sparkle more than the stars at night,

They shimmer more than moonlight on a stream,

They are like the sun they shine much too bright,

If I stare for too long my eyes will scream,

I don’t mind the pain for into your eye,

I see the only light in this darkness,

Whenever you leave my heart starts to soft cry,

Because crying too hard makes me heartless,

But if you must fly away and leave me,

Then I will wait in this abyss of suffering,

Crying until my desire leave me be,

I will be above this hell gently fluttering,

And from the thought of you I will be free,

And from this terrible place I will flee.

I got an extra mark for this, I’m quite glad I took the time to do it. 🙂

Time to go Tom

Time to Go Tom was a play I not only acted in but helped to create. How it was written is simple, we basically took a topic, created a few scenes then put it together within a few weeks. We made no script, it was all improvisation. The topic we chose was world war one because it was the 100th year anniversary. We started by coming up with a few characters then did a few scenes, like at the front line, the night before the front line, writing letters home, hospital scene, etc. We kept working on these scenes until we knew them by heart, put them together then kept practicing them until performance night.

It was fun and I learnt that there is more than one was to write a play from scratch and also more than one type of play. My improvisation skill improved, and this is good because in acting you are improvise all the time. This was the first performance Block 15 (the class) ever did and I’m glad I was in it. Block 15 was the first class I joined in Centerstage and I am still dedicate to it now.

(Part A and D of Bronze Award)

Book Review – Imposter

(Part C of Bronze Award)

Title: Imposter

Author: Susanne Winnacker

Pages: 310

Date: 20/8/14

Rate – 4.5 Stars (5/5)

Review: Tessa wasn’t normal, she was a variant and could change into other people. On her first mission she had to change into deceased Madison Chambers and pretended to her family and friends that Madison was still alive, so to find Madison’s killer.

Tessa was such an amazing character. She understood the pain that she caused by pretending to be Madison.  She longed for the affection that everyone showered her as Madison because she had never experienced love from her mother and was abandoned by her father as a child.

Tessa liked this guy, Alec, her back up for this mission but he had a girlfriend. Her crush for him made it difficult for her to concentrate on her assignment.

This book is such a thriller. I literally jumped around the house because I could not believe what was happening in the book. It is very unpredictable and kept me guessing.

My favourite characters are Tessa and Devon. Tessa is completely awesome with her special ability. She is intelligent and understanding. I like how she actually has personal problems such as her relationship with her mother. Devon is just so sweet. You would not think that he would harm anyone. It was rather astonishing when he became the main suspect. There are many twists in the plot, surprising me at every turn.

I just want to say something about the cover. It is well chosen for the book and is beautiful. It featured a girls face, the left half of Tessa’s and the right half of Maddison’s. The title , Imposter, describes the book perfectly, however the design of the title is too colourful. Turquoise, white  black, orange and cream may be a tad too much. It distracted you from the beautiful face.

2015-03-18 09.38.14

This is what the book cover looks like.

2015-03-18 08.44.13

This is my new design for it.

Nevertheless I think that this book is brilliantly written with a remarkable tale that sends electrifying pulses to keep you captivated. It deserves a sequel and will be a perfect movie. I think that it is a page turner for anyone especially teenagers.

Last but not the least, I leave you with a line from the book,”I should have realized it sooner, but believing the lie was easier.”

This book was sent to me by Hachette Children’s Books.

The Merchant Of Venice


My very poor shot of the actors in the end

The other day I went to watch, ‘The Merchant of Venice’ presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre. It was extremely pleasant and amusing to watch, but not how I expected it to be.

Ticket to The Merchant of Venice

Ticket to The Merchant of Venice

The play was set in the modern world with iPads and iPhones and with many lights which made the stage look like a city. Everyone was dressed in smart suits or elegant dresses. Everyone that is, other than the Jewish people, who were in Indian punjabi suits. Even though they did not change the script it is very clear the role of the Jew was represented by the Indian replacment. They did this to aid the Singapore audience in understanding the feeling of the minority in a country, i.e Jews in 1500s Caucasian Venice as opposed to Indians in Singapore. There were many Indian money lenders in the early days Singapore.

The players, I think, were well chosen. Portia and Bassanio were fit and good looking which I thought was how the characters were suppose to be. Prince of Morocco, I found, was the only one who was different to my imagination. I imagined the Prince of Morrocco to be tall and charming in his own Morrocon way.

Shylock’s performance did not seem as furious as he was in the written play. The famous speech on imbalance treatment of the Jew, ‘if you prick us, do we not bleed…’, somehow were lost among the love stories. Similarly, Portia’s famous speech about mercy, also, was lost among the kisses. The theme of the performance seem to be focused more on the romance, especially between Gratiano and Nerissa. I did not feel the intensity of the discrimination and revenge as I anticpated.

The emotional outburst from Jessica at the end of the show was unexpected. It occurred to me that she must have been quite upset after she found out that her father had lost everything and maybe she was regretting running away with Lorenzo. Through this, it made me think that Shylock may not have been that bad as a father.

Overall, it was done well. Although my bottom got very sore from sitting on the hill, it was entertaining. Ever more satisfying was that we get a Q&A sessions with few of the players.


Picture of us with the actor. I am first from the right.

In comparison to the same play I saw in Worcester in United Kingdom last October, both plays are at an equal. I understood the play more this time because I studied it. The Worcester Repertory Company made up for the lack of props and background by the performance of the players. The main difference between these two plays was that in Worcester the main focus was about the money lending and revenge whilst in the recent play, it was about the love stories.


Programme for Worcester Repertory’s The Merchant of Venice.

I think that both plays were done well and I like both of them immemsely. It is interesting how each company had protrayed the play in accordance to the culture of the audiences.

(Part B of Bronze Award)

10 May 2014


We also did a workshop with a representative from Royal Shakespeare in regard to the Merchant of Venice. The workshop was full of different games to understand the story better. It was okay. I think it would be better if there were less children, or with children of the same age. Children ages ranged from 9 to 14 years old. The games were fun but I did not feel that I had contributed much due to the number of children.

(Part A of Bronze Award)