Arts Award Discover

Trinity College of London Arts Award – Discover

This award is about discovering all the different art. There are three part: Discover – Find Out – Share (20 hours of discovering)


1. Literature:

Meet the Authors and Illustrator of Sherlock Sam series, A. J. Low and Drews, on 23 March 2013 at The Art House, Singapore

Meet the Author of Prince Bear and Pauper Bear, Ms Emily Lim on 12 October 2012

2. Fine Art:

Talk with sculptor, Mr Chong FahCheong at 100 Mt Emily, Singapore on 2 March 2013

Museum Trip to see Lego Sculpture – The Art of Brick at Art and Science Museum Singapore on 20 January 2013

Museum Trip to see Comtempory Art – The Collectors Show: Weight of History Singapore Art Museum on 5 February 2013


5. Music:

SSO Casual Concert at Esplanade, Singapore on 3 March 2013

SSO Casual Concert at Esplanade, Singapore on 20 January 2013

SSO’s Concerts for Children: Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery at The Republic Cultural Center, Singapore on 16 March 2013

SSO’s Concerts for Children: The Whimsical Tale – A Comic Opera at NUS Cultural Centre, Singapore on 18 May 2013

6. Theatrical:

The Birmingham Stage Company presents Horrible Histories – Ruthless Romans at DBS Arts Centre, Singapore on 3 February 2013

What jobs have you discovered that involved art skills?

1. Artist such as painter and sculptor

2. Authors and Illustrators

3. Fashion Designers for the theatrical performers

4. Actors and Dancers

5. Stage designers

6. Architect

7. Teachers

8. Musician

9. Music Instrument Makers

10. Music Composers

11. Conductor

Find Out

Vincent Van Gogh – An Artist see writeup

Nathan Sawaya – a Brick Artist

Chong FahCheong – a Scultptor see writeup

Singapore Symphony Orchestra – an Orchestra

The Birmingham Stage Company – Actor and Actress

Emily Lim – Author

A. J Low – Authors



I have enjoyed meeting authors, watching plays, getting involved in making art. There are many forms of art and it is not just about painting.

Principally, I tell my friends and family about my experiences through recaping and this blog. I invited many friends to view my blog and they sent their comments to me mainly through text messages. I especially enjoyed sharing my experiences with my Granny whom I only visit once a year.

Sometimes I may get one or two likes from strangers and that keeps me going. Thank you for all your comments and likes. Please keep them coming.

I discovered that I like singing and acting most which is a surprise because I am shy. I also like photography, catching the moment in a split second. I have also found out that I can write expressively sometime and enjoyed reading my writings to others.

Art is very interesting and fun to learn, I cannot wait to start on next award…. sharing my skills with others and trying out new activities such as stop motion.



2 thoughts on “Arts Award Discover

  1. This is all looking really great, well done. The only parts that you need to complete for your award now are, to find out about an Artist in more detail and record your findings here on your blog. You have discovered some really intersting artist so far during your award, and the links above are really interesting. You just need to consentrate on one of them and record your findings. It could be Monet as you have been working on some lovely artwork by him, it is up to you.
    Once you have done this you need to share your Arts Award part A and B with someone, we can either do this here on your blog by posting comments in turn as you share all the things that you have enjoyed and learnt so far, or you can share it with someone else nearer to home, as long as you record your sharing with photos and feedback from those who took part. Then you are done, and ready to move on to the next award!
    Let me know if you need any further advice.


  2. You really have worked hard on your Arts Award and you are definately ready to get your award now, all you have to do is share all of you great work and demonstrate what you have enjoyed, and learnt while working on your Arts Award. I am going to send you a feedback form so you can answer those questions for me too. Once you have shared your work you need to add evidence of how and who you shared it with, this could be a photograph or you can write it up here on your blog that would be perfect. Once again well done.


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