A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Last year, the GLOBE came to Singapore to preform Midsummer Night’s Dream in the esplanade. My Mum was very excited since the last time we had gone to see the globe, it was very good. I was excited too, of course, but maybe not as ballistic as Mummy was. Mummy bought four tickets because we never know whether Daddy would be in town; sadly he wasn’t able to make it so she asked Aunty Eileen to join us. Aunty Eileen is a good friend of Mum. She said she enjoyed these things, but I think that she either lied or maybe we just heard wrong. The seats we had were… very high up. It made me slightly unsteady if I looked down, although I don’t get vertigo. It was also quite cold but I didn’t mind. The first half of the play was great. I really enjoyed it, it was funny and well-acted in my opinion. The only problem was that we were so high up, we could quite the actor’s faces. I was glad when the lights came back on and we had a fifteen minutes interval. We walked around a bit and found out that some of our friends were there. It was a lovely surprise! Aunty Eileen though didn’t seem to be enjoying herself. She was frowning, confused and flustered. She said that she couldn’t understand what was said and decided to leave. It was childish and immature but I think it was best.

In Worcester a few months before we went to see the play in the esplanade, we saw the same play in the Commandary in Worcester. I found that it was much more confusing watching it there. For some reason it wasn’t as easy to watch as it was in the esplanade. My mum said it got boring and the people behind us started talking. I found it was not as good as in the esplanade but we had a much better view and it was also much warmer. The costumes in the esplanade were definitely better than in the Commandary but the globe had more money to use, obviously.

When I acted in midsummer night’s dream I really enjoyed it. It was fun to act as Demetrius, Titania and Hippolyta. However, the play was only 20 minutes long because we skipped the play within the play. I still think it was alright though. My brother told me afterwards that it was hilarious which it was meant to be.

The play I think is very amusing, comical and definitely entertaining but it’s not my favourite. I much prefer Julius Caesar or Romeo and Juliet. I actually find it hard to watch the play within the play because I find it very boring and embarrassing to watch. I like the romance story and the magic but everything else was I find was rather dreary. Midsummer night’s dream is definitely another brilliant play by Shakespeare but it is not, I find, one of his best.

E-TICKET for A Mid Summer Night's Dream

E-TICKET for A Mid Summer Night’s Dream


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