Book review – Insurgent

(Part C of Bronze Award)

Title: Insurgent

Author: Veronica Roth

Date: 26/8/14

Pages: 525


Review: The fractions are falling, people are dying and the world is deteriorating. Tris is in the midst of this chaos, trying to fight and survive for what is right. With all her family dead except her brother, Caleb who has turned traitor, Tobias is the only one she has left but she has to go against his side and lose his trust to uncover the truth of what lies behind the fence.

This was a very good book. It is action packed and full of thrills and surprises. Tris is racked with Grief and regret. It almost destroys her. But her bravery is within her all the way until the last page. She is a truly amazing person. I’m glad that this book was not as confusing as Divergent. I found that the last book had sentences structured in a way that made it hard to get its meaning but this book does not have any of those so it easier to read. It is definitely well written.

The cover is a really nice one. It has a girl standing on a ledge look at a stream and mountains. The most obvious thing about the cover is the three burning leaves next to the girl. I really like the title. It is golden surrounded with a set of purple wings, it’s simple but nice. I also like how the cover is purple, everything from the stream to the sky has this purple tinge to it. Even the burning leaves are kind of purple.


There is a part of the book where she turns herself in to Erudite so to save other people from dying. And she has to be examined and tested so they could find a simulation that works on the Divergent but when they fail, her execution is advanced to the next day but she is saved by Peter which was a surprise since he tried to kill her once. It shows that you never know who will help you, it could be your worst enemy.

I thought this was an awesome book and I really enjoyed readying it. It was exciting, action pact, slightly psychopathic and anything but dull. I really think it is good and should be read by everybody.

Fighting for survival in a shattered world, the truth is her only hope.


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