Book Review – Triple Nine Sleuths: Dangerous Despair

Dangerous Despair is about 3 friends, Colten, Stacy and Corey.
When Colten sees someone fall out of a window he suspects its a murder, but no one believes him, so he and his friends go to find out the truth.

Dangerous despair is very amusing because the characters call each other names and say a lot of stupid things.

It’s also very adventurous because the characters have to do a series of unusual things like getting their eyebrows plucked just to get information from the spa-keeper.

It’s very thrilling because you never know what’s going to happen next.

I think that this book should be read by people aged 10 and above because the death scene may disturb younger readers. Both the plot and characters are believable which makes this a particularly interesting read.

Sansan 11 years old


My box

I’m in my box.
My big white box.
I feel safe, I feel comfortable in my box.
Nothing exists out side my box.
I’m alone in my box.
I am happy.

But then, someone comes and tells me to think out of my box.
To think different.
I am confused, I am scared.
I don’t want to come out of my box.
I don’t want to think different.

But I don’t realise that my box is getting smaller and smaller.

One day I felt squished, I felt cramed, I felt scared.
I felt like the air was getting squeezed out of me, like there was no escape.
This was too much.

I broke free out of my box.
My precious, beloved box, gone.
But what did I see outside of my box?
I saw flowers, I saw trees, I saw birds that flew ever so high. I saw people smile and laugh.

I am free.
I am happy.

Michelle Sansan Turberfield