Don’t Be Angry Campaign – Persuasive Writing (Campaign Manifesto)

Do you want to live in a world where everyone is angry and miserable? If not, support us! DBA (Don’t Be Angry) is a campaign for people to be less angry so you can live in a peaceful environment. We want people to be kind, courteous, encouraging and happy so you can enjoy life.


If you don’t get angry so often, it means that you will have more friends and your family will trust you. They will be ready to share their problems, which gives you a chance to help them and make them happy too.

If every one is happy, there will be no wars, no killing, no suicides, no arguments, no crying, no jealousy and etc. If none of these exist, the world would be a safer place.

When you are happy, you are not stressed. A happy person does not get sick so often. Even if you do become sick, a positive mind will help you to recover faster. You can enjoy life better. Medical bills will not bother you. You do not have to worry about your finance and health.

DBA campaign does not need you to donate any money. A smile is all you need. Kindness becomes a habit. You can try helping an old man cross the street or a old lady carry her groceries. However, a simple thank you to the taxi driver or bus driver is a start.

Join us in our aim to be the happiest country in the world! You can also help this campaign by following us on Facebook and Twitter or telling your friends about us.

Toothiana Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies by Willaim Joyce

… “No no no! A good old-fashioned Cossack lullaby. ‘Don’t cut my throat while I am sleeping, mother, my mother dear’.”…

Page 114

Golden line – I think this is funny as everyone was saying nice things about sleeping and this came up as an contribution to the ‘nice’ things.

P/S – Cossack Lullaby is Russian Folk Lullaby. I had a search and they are not dark.

Tea Tree Oil advertisment – Persuasive writing (Advertising)

Do you want your pimples and scabs to heal quickly? Well then you need Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil is made out of natural ingredients which kill 100% of germs that might infect your scabs or pimples.

The smell of the Tea Tree Oil is also very good for stopping running noses and unblocking blocked noses

And if you get frequent mosquitoes bite, just apply Tea Tree Oil and the itchiness will disappear.

So what are you waiting for?
Bring the multipurpose Tea Tree Oil to the counter, buy it and your scabs will heal before you can say eureka!


A Whimiscal Tale – a comic opera


The other day we went to watch a play called ‘A Whimsical Tale‘. It’s about 2 men fighting over a woman. What I liked about the play was that it was silent, so it was like the orchestra was saying what the actors were suppose to say. The music pieces I like best were ‘The Flight of The Bumble Bee‘ and ‘Can Can‘. I like the acting because it was funny, like Charlie Chaplin. I think that the acting and the music went well together because when the music was enraged, the actors were¬†angry and when the music was romantic, the actors were in love. So yeah, I’d like to see it again and recommend people the age of 5 and above to see it.