Book Review : Triple Nine Sleuths: Dangerous Limelight


Full of excitement, Triple 9 Sleuth is one of the best detective page-turner I have ever read.

My favourite character is Stacy because she reminds me of me and Corey reminds me of my friend Rebecca but with the glasses and braces.

I would recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 11-14.

I can’t wait for the next book.

Michelle San San Turberfield
11 years old. 😄


Meet the author


We went to Meet the Authors of Sherlock Sam. They were going to teach us how to create our own villain.

When we got there I was surprised that I was the tallest kid there even when the characters in the book was 10-11. All the kids that came were from 5 to12 years old.  I feel like the odd one out being so tall.

Anyway there were 2 authors and 1 illustrator and they were quite friendly. The two authors are Adan and Felicia and the illustrator is Drew. I thought that all of them would be Singaporean but I was wrong, Adan is American.

So we created our villains and mine was a girl called Tiffany. To create a villain, you think of 5 things you don’t like and give them to your villain. Tiffany loves pink and always wears pink like Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter in The Order of the Phoenix.  She is mean, has a quick temper and likes to boss and tease people. She likes to pick on geeky, studious people in school and makes fun of them. She comes from a rich and famous family. Her parents are never around for her. She wants others to feel the same way she does – that they are not worth to pay attention to. This is what she looks like.IMG_0887

Mummy asked Adan how they wrote the book between the two of them, they said that they wrote a chapter each. I thought that was a very interesting way of writing.

Afterward we had a contest on who could make the most convincing robot voice. Jon won and we got a Lego robot as a prize.
In the end, we got them to sign our books and went home.  I had fun 😄.

Vivaldi ring of mystery

At first I did not know anything about Vivaldi, I only knew that he was born in Venice and that he played the violin.
Now I know that he taught at the Pieta School of Music for Orphan Girls, was a composer and wrote the four seasons.

When I watched I felt like I was drawn to the story and the music.