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Dragon – Free writing inspired by How to train the dragon by Cressida Cowell


Dragon might be selfish and scary* but they are magnificient creatures. I have spent many hours at Wild Dragon cliff studying them so I have found out alot about dragons. For example, did you know that dragons have both gills and lung. i like to watch my dragon toothless go hunting for fish, because it is always a beautiful sight to see one flying. Dragons also have their own language called dragonese. Only a few Vikings can speak this complicated language.

Now let me tell you about one dragon species.

Mood dragons

Colours: constantly changing

Armed with: camouflage, talons, fire … 6

Defence: see above … 4

Hunting abiity: very very good, can sneak up on prey¬† … 9

Speed: nice and quick … 7

Fear and fight factor: You don’t want to meet a Mood dragon in a bad mood … 6

Mood dragons change colour according to their mood. Thus an angry mood dragon turns blue-black, excited it turns pinkish-orange, normally it’s golden, when lying it’s violet.

Mood dragons vary enormously in size, some are as small as dogs, others as big as lions.

Mood dragons lay four eggs in its nest: one happy, one sad, one embarassed and one absolutely furious.

By Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third

*Not many are scary but some are relly scary.

… score