The Art Science museum at Marina bay Sand is featuring an exhibition called the Art of Bricks. It was all about Lego. It was interesting to see how a man could make all these sculptures, he is very talented. He made perception interesting. For example, the raindrop above looks 2D like a picture when seen further away but becomes 3D as you get close.

He also made portrait picture from Lego.

I like all the sculptures in display.

We also had a chance to build our own sculpture out of Lego. I made a crutch and a pencil.

It was fun.


The Art of bricks by Nathan Sawaya

4 thoughts on “The Art of bricks by Nathan Sawaya

  1. You guys have got to take me to see this Lego sculpture exhibitions… it looks really cool! You would need a LOT of Lego bricks to do this sort of stuff… Daddy


  2. I am so jealous what an amazing exhibition, I have heard of Nathan Sawaya before but i have never seen so much of his work, or been to an exhibition. The Art Science Museum looks really cool too. Did you find the sculpture easier to relate to than more traditional sculpture as it was made of Lego?
    This too will go towards your Arts Award Discover part A, well done :o)


    • It was easy to relate to better than looking at a boring sculpture. I think he must have a lot of imaginations and good eyes for perspective. I wish I could build stuff like that too out of lego…..


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