Nonsense poem following Jabberwocky

Jubjub Bird

In a meaky village (meaky – mealy and meeky)

Two girls were chanting clear

“we will catch the Jubjub Bird

and keep it as a tanion.” (tanion – tame campanion)

“Haha” cried the villagers

“Your not even men.”

With that they set off

Angrily to prove they’re righpion. (rightful champion)

Through the silent jungle

They made their way

To Tumtum tree and waited

For it to dinion. (reunion with dinner)

When at last it came

It fell into their trap

It wiggled to no avail

So home they went in quickion. ( as quick as you say million)

In a meaky village

Two girls were chanting clear

“we caught the Jubjub Bird

and will keep it as a tanion.”

by San-san Turberfield (11)



Today I did quite a few things. First I studied on the book “The Hound of the Baskaville” where I leant that its Ok to repeat words over and over again. Then I studied on something called “fictionary”. Its when you make up words and give it a meaning.( Like lunartile means shiny like the moon. )

Thats all really but it was fun.

Symphony Orchestra

Today we went to watch a orchestra. The orchestra played :

BEETHOVEN – Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92
I. Poco sostenuto – Vivace
BRUCH – Violin Concerto No. 1 in G major, Op. 26
III. Finale: Allegro energico
TCHAIKOVSKY – Romeo and Juliet: Fantasy Overture
It was musically fantastic and my jaw dropped when they told me that they practised 6 hours a day. ( I only practice about 15-20 minutes. )
I like the concerto best because it was like an arguement between the solonist and the orchestra.

The Art of bricks by Nathan Sawaya


The Art Science museum at Marina bay Sand is featuring an exhibition called the Art of Bricks. It was all about Lego. It was interesting to see how a man could make all these sculptures, he is very talented. He made perception interesting. For example, the raindrop above looks 2D like a picture when seen further away but becomes 3D as you get close.

He also made portrait picture from Lego.

I like all the sculptures in display.

We also had a chance to build our own sculpture out of Lego. I made a crutch and a pencil.

It was fun.


Linear or exponential income?

Which income would you earn more?

Would you rather be paid $1000 a day for 30 days or receive 1cent on the first day and continue to receive double the amount of the previous day for 30 days?

I thought that a $1000 a day for 30 days would earn more but I was wrong.

Option 1 you earn $30,000, option 2 you earn $536,870,913.

Option 1 is a linear where you add same amount of money each day.Image

option 2 is a exponential growth where your money doubles each day. (MIchelle: This increases by a power of two each day.)


If I compare the two, the two incomes will look like this:


Conclusion: if we multiply, the increase in greater than when we add. Therefore 2x is greater than x+2. If I get a job, I will most likely be paid in a linear package which means you earn a fixed amount of money. To get an exponential increase in my income, I must invest in things that will multiply my income. For example, aiming for bonus, or buying property.